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About me:

I'm a photo enthusiast living in Waterloo Ontario.

I like photographing wildlife, landscapes, concerts and of course snapshots of friends and family.

About this site:
Here you'll find the shots I've chosen to share with the world.

The Home page will be updated as new content is added. Not all galleries will necessarily be listed there.

To see all the galleries available, click the "Browse" link on the left menu. Some of the galleries are old (have not been updated in years), may be of interest to very few people, or may exist solely as a source of images to post to forums. Note that the Genealogy section is for family only.

Viewing the photos:
In most galleries you will first see a collage of the shots in that gallery.
• click on any photo to see it on its own
• use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move from shot to shot
• press the ESC key on your keyboard to return to the gallery view
• if you prefer to use the mouse, note that the 'previous' and 'next' arrows fade out after 2 seconds, as does the 'X' at the upper right of the screen (that closes the image and returns you to the gallery): just wiggle the mouse to get them back.
• some shots have captions that tell a story (particularly in the Atlantic Vacation gallery). These also fade out after 2 seconds. To keep them in view, position your mouse over the caption and leave it there, using the arrow keys to move from shot to shot.

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